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Mail Headers the way you want them!

Another update to the Mail Headers has been pushed to the git repos in

This time I decided to launch a new branch (2.x) since there is a new functionality, which I think deserves the upgrade! So now you can:

  • Limit the "From" header to a set number of domains (since version 1.x).
  • Limit the "From"header to the sites e-mail address (since version 1.x).
  • Customise (almost) any header to your herts content using tokens (new in version 2.x).

This is a pretty handy module we developed at SeeD EM, because we needed to make sure that the e-mails were sent from one of the domains we had as approved senders with our e-mail provider (which as of the writting of this post is MailJet). We now know that all messages will go through and that the chance of them being marked as SPAM are quite remote.

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