Memoirs of DrupalCon Latin America

15 February 2015
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Sprints en DrupalCon Latinamerica

For more than one year we were getting ready for the Drupal Con LatAm  along with  the Drupal Association , global and local volunteers were specially active with all the task and finally last week we had over 250 attendees from many parts of the world in Bogotá, Drupalizing LatAm.    Among the the attendees, Dries Buytaert (creator of Drupal project) and the top 20 developers of  the Drupal core . Excellent keynotes , very good talks and the best, very productive sprints that were represented in significant progress in launching commits that are going to be very helpful in  the race to the release of  Drupal 8.

This was a small Con compared to the more than 4,000 attendees held in North America and the  2500 in Europe , but DrupalCon LatAm had all the features and quality that characterizes a DrupalCon , one of the aspects that most stood out was the integration among the attendees who had the opportunity to eat , partying and have fun with the Latin American-style salsa, merengue and aguardiente.

The Latin American community now feels renewed and ready to be an important part of the future of Drupal , as it was announced,  the next edition of Drupal Latino Summit in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil Thank you very much to the drupalist of the world who came to Bogota,  for having accepted the invitation,  so we hope  that next DrupalCon that might take place in Latin America will have much more assistance and can be compared to one of the Europeans.