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RedRaiz: a real estate digital Project sealed by Seed

Redraiz is a Project which started like web portal for net users interested in acquiriring, swapping or renting properties through estate agents. This site was built like a net of users, starting from the idea of the 2.0 web generation: internet for users and belongs to the users. They create and transform information.

Other websites about property sell save users information, but don’t generate other levels of interaction among theirselves ,different to share a link, compare items or contact agents.

This project is based in two objectives, create a user’s net and setting up a search engine. Website’s net has a special feature: users get rewards inviting their contacts to register on the site and sell properties in Redraí

The developers team create a module to setup that reward: an aditional fee or comission for every sold item, determined in percentages (%) by Administrator User. Every user can see what is the percentage over the properties which can be sold by him and his contacts registered on the site (‘children-users’).


Available translate modules until the project development date didn’t work. Because of, the team had to create a module which do translations of the facets, nodes and checkboxes setting ‘T’ function up into the field’s labels.

On the main page, a kind of animation was included: a 360° sight . This image caused overlapping problems on the manager menú and didn’t allow to see emerging Windows. Finally, the developers team detected the problem on the original iFrame of the Flash file.

According to the customer requirements, the net works in one direction and benefits only the first generation, in other words, the user who invites their contacts, becomes into a ‘father-user’ of ‘children-users’.

The‘ Father-user’ win a comission from every sold property that his ‘children’ sell and every ‘child-user’ i s able to become in father of others, but children-users do not benefit their ‘father’. However, the comission applies only for the first generation: children-users sellings don’t benefit to the ‘grandpa-users’.

On the one hand, any seller can register by his own hand and automatically a ‘father-user’is asigned to him, in this case, the ‘admin-user’. By the other hand, the setting up process of search engine involved filter configuration for searching for users, so they will be able to type an assigned code of every property. To reach the goal, the module Apache Solr was used such as a search engine using facets (filters).

In addition, the team activated fields to insert banners and image galleries for every item published in the site by any user. Both functions can be administered by the Administrator user.

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