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20 Feb 15
With over 200 new features and enhancements, the upcoming release of the leading web content management platform in the world of open source will seduce you. So reads the first paragraph of the Drupal 8 seccion, which drupal.org is dedicating in their next delivery.
15 Feb 15
For more than one year we were getting ready for the Drupal Con LatAm along with the Drupal Association , global and local volunteers were specially active with all the task and finally last week we had over 250 attendees from many parts of the world in Bogotá, Drupalizing LatAm. Among the the attendees, Dries Buytaert (creator of Drupal project) and the top 20 developers of the Drupal core . Excellent keynotes , very good talks and the best, very productive sprints that were represented in significant progress in launching commits that are going to be very helpful in the race to the release of Drupal 8.
19 Dec 14

The Multilingual Initiative (D8MI), led by Acquia's own Gábor Hojtsy with participation of over 1,000 contributors, is a major development focus for Drupal 8. 

Multilingual First

1 Nov 13

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process which allows users to access multiple sites with a single username and password. This is of particular benefit for organizations who wish to provide access to these resources without having to create individual accounts per site. Users also benefit by not having to remember and repeatedly enter login credentials for each site or resource they wish to access.

Drupal has a host of modules providing SSO functionality. Some utilize a centralized authentication server such as LDAP or Active Directory, others attempt to mimic this functionality via "shared" Drupal user accounts. This article will focus on the latter method using the Bakery module.