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Drupal business summit in Bogota

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Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your Drupal experience.

Why this summit? - The adoption of Drupal as a development platform and CMS is growing rapidly around the world; this is a great opportunity to update Latin American companies on how Drupal is being used as the solution to the digital challenges of many organizations around the world.

What will you gain? - This meeting will give you the opportunity to learn more about how world-class companies and organizations are using Drupal and how the platform is helping them get the most advantage possible in the digital world. In addition to this, how your business can leverage this technology to get projects for internal use, websites and mobile apps off the ground.


9:30 AM Coffee, brainstorming and introduction of participants. Introduction - Jairo Pinzón General Manager of Seed EM
Presentation of Acquia : Global trends and worldwide examples of success with Drupal; the opportunity to improve your digital experiences and profitability - with Drupal and Acquia - Bryan House - Vice President of Marketing What is Acquia? How the relationship with business partners works Some examples of companies already using Drupal in Latin America - Paul Treichler - Director of Channels
12:30 Lunch
SeeD EM Presentation - Our Value Proposition
Case Study - Casa Editorial El Tiempo - Rocio Gutierrez - Project Manager
4:00 Question and Answer session. Refreshments and exchange of ideas and contact among participants.