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Web Portal University of Manizales


The Universidad de Manizales is a private educational institution located, as its name indicates, in the city of Manizales, focused on three significant dimensions: research, teaching and social projection. It currently has about 5,000 students pursuing professional careers in academic programs distributed in five fields of knowledge: social sciences, economic sciences, engineering sciences, legal sciences and health sciences.



The website of the University of Manizales presented several problems, including poor organization of the information, difficulty in finding specific content, little or no web accessibility, etc.

At the same time, there was a need to create a more user-friendly web portal, and as a requirement of the client, to be much more dynamic than what is currently available.



Construction of a new web portal, in which you can easily access all the information belonging to the University, solving problems of information architecture, constantly implementing AA standards of web accessibility, role-based information and greater control over the loading of content and visibility of information.


How we help the client during the process?

Not knowing the Drupal tool for web development, we have made a constant accompaniment to the client, training them about its operation and capabilities.

Also by implementing AA standards of web accessibility, we have had small trainings on specific topics that help to a better construction and understanding of the website.

From the beginning of the project, in the Discovery sessions, the people in charge of design, architecture, infrastructure and leadership have been present to solve the problems present in the current portal, from the corresponding perspectives.



The result is a portal that solves these problems of architecture and accessibility, presenting a more dynamic website, with more colors and new components that facilitate the navigability of the page.