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Caja Social Bank

Client's Description

Study Case: Caja Social Bank

Sector: Banks


Version: Drupal 7


What we did

From 2012 to date, we have been helping Banco Caja Social in various tasks of continuous improvement and support for its main customer web portal, and in the development of new projects.

Caja Social Website (

  • Permanent maintenance of the site, core updates and Drupal modules.
  • Backend and Frontend developments for new functionalities and improvements and the transfer of these to the different environments of the Bank.
  • Configuration of infrastructure for the proper functioning of new developments.
  • Quality tests.
  • UI/UX graphic design.
  • Content loading.

New  Project

  • Amigopedia (Intranet for workers).

Amigopedia is a microsite on the Bank's intranet dedicated to the internal promotion of the Bank's products. It is multi-managed since it allows 100% administration of all the texts and contents, including the generation of tooltips, menus, sections, vocabularies, images, downloads, documents and infographics according to the topics that you want to present.

  • Multipass - Bank debit card promotional site.

  • Zona Inmobiliaria - Site to promote the Bank's real estate offer.


Screen Shots