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El Tiempo Publishing house

Client's description

Study case: Intranet Mi Medio - Casa Editorial El Tiempo

Sector: Newspaper, media 

Country: Colombia.

Version: Drupal 7


Project Summary:

Casa Editorial El Tiempo needed to completely overturn the way they were relating to his employees through the Intranet.



-Drupal made it possible to improve the way employees interacted with each other, using the platform's social tools and integrations were generated with all format download systems, access to company information and request for special services

- Allowed employees to improve interaction with corporate and administrative processes.

- The use of the Intranet increased from 1,200 to more than 3,700 visits per day.

- Now, more than 1,740 employees (87%) visit the intranet on a daily basis.


What we did

  • Support in the information architecture of the Intranet.
    Advice on web design.
    Development in Drupal 7 backend and frontend.