The Multilingual Initiative (D8MI), led by Acquia's own Gábor Hojtsy with participation of over 1,000 contributors, is a major development focus for Drupal 8. 

Multilingual First

By Andrew Dresden, Drupal Developer in SeeD EM.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process which allows users to access multiple sites with a single username and password. This is of…

By Andrew Dresden, Drupal Developer in SeeD EM.

Presenting the new Drupal SeeD Theme.

“Not the most ingenious title, but cheesiness is allowed during this time of the year!”

Another update to the Mail Headers has been pushed to the git repos in

This time I decided to launch a new branch (2.x) since there is a new functionality, which I think…

It's been so many times that we have had the need to print just one image on a multiple image field for Drupal, and that many times we coded a some-how similar module, and so many times we said,…