We are a company inspired by new technologies. We create strategies that enable our clients to achive their digital marketing goals, increase their revenue and stay relevant in the web.

Web development
Web development

We develop, design, and support websites and web solutions for companies and organizations; our team is trained to build and to successfully launch useful and beautiful web projects.

Analysis and architecture
Analysis and architecture

This is the project base, the planning and architecture definition consist of text descriptions and visual representations (models, diagrams, annotated mockups), the goal is to describe as precisely as possible what is to be built, paying attention to the most complex aspects. At this stage we will require total interaction between the client and us and this will take as well, a lot of attention to detail.

UX/UI and web design
UX/UI and web design

The design stage will imply moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality. The main deliverables are a documented site structure and, more importantly, a visual representation. Upon completion of the design phase, the website should more or less have taken shape, but for the absence of the content and special features.

Drupal Managed Hosting
Drupal Managed Hosting

The Drupal Infrastructure Support, Monitoring, and Maintenance (SMMI) service enables the SeeD infrastructure team to perform typical and routine administration tasks on your infrastructure so that your Digital and IT  team can dedicate to strategic and improvement ideas on your digital business; they won't have to deal  with emergencies anymore.

Our  administration  includes common maintenance tasks, monitoring and corrective actions during working hours, having Colombia (UTC -5) as the reference time zone and on a 7/24 basis, depending on the LSA.

The physical and virtual infrastructure is provided through Amazon Web Services and other major infrastructure services.

  • The following tasks are included within the scope of the Remote Administration Service
  • Security updates on the application and infrastructure.
  • Monitoring the behavior of the infrastructure through the use of tools or services that capture the information directly from the servers.
  • Generation of  alerts based on early actions.
  • Monthly report of activities carried out and upon the behavior of the infrastructure on each of its components.
  • Report of incidents on a monthly basis and  whenever there is an incident.
  • Corrective actions when an event that affects the service, occurs.
  • Recommendations to maintain the infrastructure in optimal conditions.
  • Required Drupal site settings needed to maintain the service stability and security.
  • Deployment of the necessary adjustments on the production environments.

Any task outside this scope can be handled by the client through our professional services (at an additional cost). For any clarification required about these services, please contact a sales executive.

Auditoría de código y de seguridad
Auditoría de código y de seguridad

Drupal es una plataforma muy potente y flexible, con una sorprendente variedad de opciones de configuración. Si no se gestionan correctamente, estas características pueden ser utilizados en su contra con fines maliciosos. Una Auditoría SeeD de Seguridad, le ayuda a verificar que que su sitio ha sido construido acorde a una arquitectura adecuada y con buenas prácticas de desarrollo, de manera que esté protegido contra ataques comunes y que el desempeño en la infraestructura es el mejor posible. SeeD examina su sitio para identificar posibles problemas de seguridad y de código; comparamos su sitio contra las mejores prácticas y mediante nuestro proceso de revisión le ayudamos a corregir y a poner a tono su sitio.

We have partnerships with leading companies within the Drupal eco system in the world , we provide Drupal hosting and 24/7 support with the experts.

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