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We are SeeD, Drupal Experts

We Design and Build Digital Experiences with an objective

We Design and Build Digital Experiences with an objective



SeeDCloud is our solution to facilitate the deployment of websites in Drupal without worrying about maintenance, security, availability or optimization

Web development

We are Drupal experts , our experience has taught us how to define the strategy for every single development project and to undertake the best possible way in order to apply the requirements of the design and architecture information to each project.

Analysis and architecture

This is the project base, the planning and architecture definition consist of text descriptions and visual representations (models, diagrams, annotated mockups)

UX/UI and web design

The UX design is in short, all about User Experience. UI design is all related to the user´s interface. Both elements are crucial for a good final digital product and they should be delivered in close collaboration.

Code Auditing and Security

A SeeD Security Audit helps you verify that your site has been built accordingly and having good development practices.

Drupal Managed Hosting

The Drupal Infrastructure Support, Monitoring, and Maintenance (SMMI) service enables the SeeD team to perform typical and routine administration tasks on your infrastructure.

Training and development guidelines

The  Drupal ™ training model  designed by SeeD EM ™ allows acquiring the necessary skills in order to being able to undertake a project using Drupal.

Recent articles

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First impressions of Drupal 8

With over 200 new features and enhancements, the upcoming release of the leading web content management platform in the world of open source will seduce you. So reads the first paragraph of the Drupal 8 seccion, which drupal.org is dedicating in their next delivery.

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Memoirs of DrupalCon Latin America

For more than one year we were getting ready for the Drupal Con LatAm  along with  the Drupal Association , global and local volunteers were specially active with all the task and finally last week we had over 250 attendees from many parts of the world in Bogotá, Drupalizing LatAm.

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Multilingual Improvements

The Multilingual Initiative (D8MI), led by Acquia's own Gábor Hojtsy with participation of over 1,000

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Drupal Single Sign-On the Easy Way

By Andrew Dresden, Drupal Developer in SeeD EM.