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Seed 15

Celebrating SeeD´s 15th anniversary

Last July SeeD turned 15 years old. In these years we have learned and evolved while maintaining the essence that has marked us since our beginnings: open source as a conceptual basis to support our clients in their digital transformation processes.

This has helped us to grow in knowledge and to redefine our mission as a company and to be increasingly clear about where we want to continue. This situation, in a world that is increasingly complex and very different from the one we lived in 15 years ago, has left us with new ways of approaching life, such as remote work, putting more emphasis on quality of life, caring for the planet and many other things that became urgent with the Covid-19 pandemic. A path that is specified in a statement: SeeDExceptional Minds”.

For us it is a path marked by the evolution of Drupal and other open source tools. More than 160 people have passed through our house, mainly developers and engineers, who have left us their personal imprint and to whom we hope we have contributed in their professional growth. SeeD began with the aim of becoming the seed of the digital transformation of companies. In that order of ideas, we want to believe that we truly add value to each service and project we carry out, contributing to the social and economic development of our environment.

SeeD has been and will continue to be a generator of career opportunities for those who believe in us as a company where something significant can be learned. We have a social commitment and as a company we want to make our contribution to the construction of an increasingly fair society, not only with the provision of our services, but also with the "how" they are delivered to customers. It is part of our values ​​to do our work better and better and exceed the expectations of those around us.

Reaching 15 years as a company has not been an easy task and having managed to reach this anniversary commits us enormously. We want to thank our clients, suppliers and collaborators from the bottom of our hearts for everything they have done for us. We look forward to many more years.



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