We offer a complete service of design , web development, release and beyond.

Our company has an extensive experience of more than 12 years and a great team of 40+ members, our Dev Shops are based in Bogotá and Manizales, Colombia.We develop for clients in Colombia, Ecuador and the US which have implemented Drupal or are in the process of choosing Drupal as their CMS for their Digital ecosystems.  We are active members of the Drupal community in Colombia and founders of the local Drupal Association.We support partners of Drupalorg.    Our team is highly skilled in Web development, infrastructure, dev ops and support, UX-UI design and Web Architecture. Our professional services are focused on high quality development, security and code audits, third party solutions integration, deployment and content migration.

SeeDCloud is our solution to facilitate the deployment of websites in Drupal without worrying about maintenance, security, availability or optimization


We are Drupal experts. We define the strategy for every single project to undertake the best possible way in order to meet the requirements of the design and architecture information for each project.

This is the minimum required in any successful project; planning and definition of the architecture with a lot of attention to detail. The contents and functionalities represented in diagrams and / or user stories.

The UX design is in short, all about User Experience. UI design is all related to the user´s interface.

The SeeD Security Audit helps you verify that your site has been built accordingly and with good development practices.

Our administration includes common maintenance tasks, such as, security patches, core updates, monitoring and corrective actions.

The  Drupal ™ training model designed by SeeD EM™ allows acquiring the necessary skills in order to be able to undertake a project using Drupal.