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How to add multiple groups of fields dynamically with CCK

In version 3 of the CCK (Content Construction Kit) module, which is currently under development, they have included a module called Content Multigroup that basically allows us to make a group of fields that can be added dynamically by the user.

Let us remember that in version 2 we can indicate to a field that the amount allowed can be unlimited and it is very useful for loading images or other information of which we want to allow an unspecified amount, the same concept is what Content Multigroup allows only than applied to a group of fields. Example: You have a group of fields that define all the studies for your resume, one field says what year you graduated, another from which college and another the title you obtained, but what if you need a person can you add all your studies regardless of how many they are and that each one fills in those three fields? It should have a way to dynamically add that group of fields again as many times as the user needs it, for this case Multigroup is the solution.

I just implemented it in a project and it works very well, surely more than one of you had this problem and you will remember that the only way we had was to design the interactivity in pure code with the help of AHAH.


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