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Fan engagement

Interaction of brands with their fans

Part of the companies marketing strategies focuses on digital communication and the interaction they will have with their followers on social networks. In a previous article, I talked about the need to have a clear strategy in these networks to obtain the results obtained by marketing, and the need to have a digital agency for this purpose. This time I will address the interaction of brands with their fans.

An online brand experience creates a loyal following. This experience not only has to do with promotions or discounts, but also with recommendations made to users and their families.

In a Get Satisfaction infographic, the following data appears that are worth reviewing:

Delving into the study that although it was done in the US, there are relevant data that highlights Charly Sarti, a gummy of digital communication, social media, strategy, and creativity, on his blog.

"36.9% of Facebook users and 43.5% of Twitter users said they connect with brands on social media to 'fish for special offers and promotions.
70% said they use social media to participate in contests and promotions.
97% of those surveyed recognized that an online experience influenced in one way or another their decision to buy a product or service."

In Latin America, however, it seems that brand image is the most important thing. This should be very attractive and should put you in a good position with your contacts, as it is a way of defining them.


We are currently in a process where Facebook pages, for example, may have thousands of followers, but they never engage with the brand digitally again. You have to create an experience, not just be a fashion benchmark. Something must happen on these pages that make the followers feel important, promotions, discounts, advice, and information. Community managers and socializers must answer the concerns of users, so that they feel that they are talking to someone and for this to happen, someone must be there.

Yes, it is currently important to have a good number of followers, people in Colombia, for example, do not like to enter sites where there is no one. However, it is the responsibility of socializers and CMs to build communities that are interested in what the brand offers to bring that space to life and this, based on a strategy, can offer interesting benefits.

Now, building community is a daily job. Generating the experience is a thoughtful job, it must have purposes and undoubtedly something good must happen for the customer in the real world to transfer the experience to the virtual and allow the customer to return to have a real experience with the brand. It is useless to make a digital and interaction strategy with followers if there are no coherent consequences when going to the real world.




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