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SeeD Cloud

SeeD Cloud - Hosting for Drupal

We support business growth through a secure, high-performance, cloud-based platform as a service (PAAS) to host from small sites up to very high-performance platforms. SeeDCloud is our solution to facilitate the deployment of websites in Drupal without worrying about maintenance, security, availability, or optimization.
We love Drupal and we know it thoroughly. That's why we know what settings are appropriate to get the best out of your site's performance.

Our platform is utilized on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. We guarantee compliance with the most demanding security standards worldwide in infrastructure (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, FedRAMP) and the availability of the sites and data security. 
The structure of AWS and Google Cloud consists of availability zones that are separate data centers but interconnected within geographic regions of the global infrastructure of AWS and Google Cloud. 
Environments are built using high redundancy architecture and use a container-based model where the data is stored in different classes of servers (load balancing, caching, Web and database) through the availability zones in the same region. SeeD Cloud will make its best efforts to restore the data or services in an alternative availability zone or region in the event that any zone is severely affected.


We implement technology to develop each site as quickly as possible, whether it be a high-performance site or a basic one. Our site settings are designed to respond to different high traffic scenarios. We host sites only in Drupal allowing us to focus on what we know best. The following are the tools in each stack:

  • Nginx
  • Varnish
  • PHP 5.6 (Drupal 7), PHP 7 (Drupal 8)
  • MariaDB Server (MySQL Server)
  • Composer NPM / NodeJS
  • Native support for IPv6

Components are operated completely by SeeD Cloud and under its administration are, configuration, maintenance, and surveillance. If any of the components experience variations, the client will be notified in advance without affecting the quality of the service.


The service supports HTTPS for the sites that generate SSL certificates cost-free using the Let's Encrypt technology. If the customer requires certificates issued by traditional certifying entities, they must be provided along with their corresponding associated files.  


Hosting plans in SeeDCloud have  three environments:

  • Development, Test & Production

The deployment in these environments is completely automated and linked to the branches of a Git repository so that you can know exactly which code you have in each environment. Every deployment made for the source repository in Git is automatically positioned in the matching environment.
Goodbye FTP. Welcome code-based deployment!.


Hardware has a limited lifetime and needs both maintenance and surveillance, but there is no need for concern.  We have preventive monitoring 24/7/365 on the instances and services that support our platform allowing us to take preventive actions to ensure the availability of your site.


All deployed Drupal environments work under a deployment model based on isolated containers which adds a layer of logical security that captures the operations of each environment along with any action. All action on the environment is carried out through automated tasks controlled via SSH with public and private keys, maintaining highly restricted access.


The backups are made on the database and file system by being stored in a different environment from the machines that operate their environments. Three types of backups are made. They are carried out every 24 hours and the last seven are kept. Every Sunday the last four carried out are kept, and on the first day of each month, the last two performed are kept. Backups are made on the GIT repository.  

SeeD Cloud has a support channel based on tickets to attend to any request by accessing the account management panel. We provide support in English and Spanish, and in high-level or critical cases they are supported 24/7. Other tickets are attended to from 8 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday (Except Holidays) under the Colombian UTC -5 calendar. 


SeeD Cloud guarantees the production environment availability 99.95% of the time in any calendar month.