Analysis and architecture

Training and development guidelines

Training for Development teams (on the go)

We train teams in the best Drupal practices and we team up with your developers in order to undertake any project, helping them with guidelines in methodology and implementation process; this helps to increase the quality of your projects and reduce deployment time. Whether you require a migration from a different CMS to Drupal or a new design, we assure that your development team goes pro and your project goes on ice.

SeeD supports the implementation and development process, we offer consulting and help out to solve possible roadblocks.

To manage specialized platforms is required that the team members have the right skills, the scope is correctly estimated and that the deliverables will meet the quality requirements and Live performance.

SeeD guarantees that your Drupal projects will be properly planned and developed. We want to  become the best ally for your IT and Digital Departments.


Training for non-homogeneous groups and individuals (Implementation).

The  Drupal ™ training model designed by SeeD EM™ allows acquiring the necessary skills in order to be able to undertake a project using Drupal; we help you acquire the basics and shorten the learning curve and get the best practices notions.

The site builder role is the basic necessary skill that any developer should have. In our training,  we guarantee the information transfer so that you can set up your first site in Drupal and to configure the options that allow you to make a functional site.

This covers tasks such as creating content types, menus, views, and granting roles and permissions. One of the most interesting features of Drupal is that you can create a site without writing a single line of code, just understanding  the features of the  contributed modules and how they can help you  achieve the objectives of the business rules. We will teach you how to install, configure the  Drupal core  and get the most out of the contributed modules.

Having basic knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS is very helpful, although not mandatory. Ask us about our different types of advanced courses for theme developers, infrastructure implementation and much more advanced aspects of the Drupal  scope.  We will gladly send you detailed information.