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Colombian National Police Web Portal


Restructure the National Police Website

project description: 

1. Restructure the National Police Website to give the community an easy, intuitive and accessible digital channel of interaction. The website complies with the guidelines and methodologies in usability for Online Government in terms of design and integration, search, usability testing, high concurrency and content. As well as factors for search engine positioning (SEO).

2. Update procedures and platforms.

3. Presenting and developing a new design to customers

4. Decrease information effort by optimizing resources.

5. Increase the availability and reliability of information.

6. Implement the hardware and software infrastructure required for the website, taking into account performance, scalability, security and general management of the cloud over the data center designated by the national police.

7. Training to the police members in charge of the administration of the hardware and software infrastructure as well as the management of maintenance and development of new features from what has been implemented.


project time line:


  • Discovery:At this stage a meeting was held with the clients in order to know their needs regarding the required improvements to the website.

  • User interviews:In this stage, a brainstorming process was carried out by the users where the necessary information is collected to implement the improvements in the website.

  • Requirements gathering & Modeling: In this stage the structural and functional documentation for the Website was made. 

  •  Project plan validation:In this stage a general review of the previous steps was carried out, in order to reach a conclusion of project initiation. 

  • Detailed schedule: At this stage the project dates and their respective deliveries were determined. 

  • Web design graphic line: A design guide document was developed according to the client's requirements. 

  • Knowledge transfer: At this stage, the client was given direct support in order to train him/her with respect to the website.

  •  Infrastructure assembly and set up: The configuration of the servers where the site is hosted was carried out. 

  • Deployment:The project was completed. 

Colombian National Police Web Portal


Modules used in this project

  • views
  • webform
  • google_analytics
  • geolocation
  • blockgroup
  • calendar
  • colorbox
  • context
  • ctools
  • eck
  • entity
  • features
  • field_group
  • media
  • panels
  • rules
  • organic groups
  • security kit