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El bosque University web site


Development of a new web portal in Drupal

El Bosque University is a private university located in Bogotá, Colombia, founded in 1977.

It is  a multidisciplinary training University, focused on development ( training, research, transfer and service) in Health and Life Quality. Inserted in the global environment, committed to local, regional and national needs and opportunities.



The University had a 6-year-old portal, made on Drupal 6. Although the portal responded to the missionary activities of every university, it was mounted on a non-responsive template, which made the main container have a permanent fixed width. The University also realized that it was necessary to refresh the design and make an update in the content manager, which was already lagging behind in functionalities and responsiveness.


Why was drupal 8 chosen?

The technical team had a pleasant experience of several years in content management on Drupal 6, this experience together with the new features that Drupal 8 offers, such as the life cycle relationship, security, stability and support, made this out the platform that best suits your needs.


PROjECT description:

The objective with the development of a new portal was to activate the commitment of the community, through digital assets that allow them to promote institutional and academic activity. This portal is an important part of the University's Digital Ecosystem, which has several platforms and web applications.

Within the improvement process we help El Bosque University to:

  • Select Drupal 8 for the institutional website, since it is the one that best suits the needs of the University.

  • Define technical and connectivity specs of cloud hosting according to the needs of the project.

  • Install and configure Drupal 8 and create themes according to the wireframes and renders provided by the University.

  • Drupal 8 setup and documentation, including domain and CMS users and passwords.

  • Additional applications, tools and / or widgets to Drupal, necessary for the complete operation of the portal were deployed.

  • Design and training program for editors and administrators of the WEB Portal.

  • Suggestions for  the use of a multi site installation.



The University has now  a fully administrable Drupal 8 portal that guarantees the security of the information and the stability of the platform. This portal is better than the previous one in terms of performance, information availability, user experience, system performance, and search engine positioning.


the sections that can be seen in this initial phase of the new portal are:

      • Homepage
      • Faculties
      • Academic programs
      • Registration / Admissions
      • Digital Environments
      • Enrollment Process
      • Degree Requirements
El bosque University web site