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Javeriana University of Cali


Infrastructure, SEO and site optimization

Javeriana University is a 400+ years of history institution in Colombia and more than 40 years in Cali. It has 19 undergraduate programs, 16 specializations, 10 masters, several magazines and publications.

Continuous Education is a process of permanent updating and training of its graduates and the community in general, Javeriana University has graduates and seminars in different areas of knowledge.



Marketing and content team identified  a need to improve the way its contents were displayed and to its stakeholders with a new structure and design. In addition, they wanted to change to a platform that would allow them to create microsites safer and faster in loading.


why drupal was chosen?

The University had a CMS which didn’t allow scale functionalities and content administration of each area. Drupal 7 has characteristics about content management, security, scalability and support features that they were looking for.



The university has a performance optimized Drupal 7 Site, infrastructure and SEO.

We helped the Javeriana University of Cali to:

1. Select Drupal 7 for the portal development.

2. Define the infrastructure features for portal hosting.

3. Usability test of the site, using navigation standards, readability and use of all the functionalities proposed in the architecture.

4. Development according to the requirements.

5. Development of  Virtual Community Continuous Education.

Javeriana University of Cali