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Jorge Tadeo Lozano University website


Encourage the use of new technologies


The Jorge Tadeo Lozano University advanced the Tadeo Digital project, aimed to encourage the use of new technologies ​​as the main tool for information, communication and interaction with the Community, the country and with the world.

The main objective was to give Tadeo a digital presence by turning its websites into the main entrance to its services, products and online content to position and ease interaction with the community.

To achieve these objectives, other specific objectives were proposed:

  • Make the Tadeo website the main tool of communication to share its principles, strengthen its identity, create a sense of belonging and brand positioning.

  • Provide access to the academic offer , scientific and artistic production

  • Share through the website the achievements of the Community to get recognized and valued.

  • Promote digital academic production and ease its reference at a national and international level.

  • Take advantage of new technologies to generate a participatory and collaborative community that builds knowledge for the benefit of society.

  • Promote the academic offer of each faculty and program, its differentiators, values,  methodologies and the quality of its teaching and research team.



In the development phase, all the necessary components and  the strategy for using Drupal 7 as CMS were integrated, essentially to handle large loads of information.

The dynamic structures helped to give a better management of the portal to the administrators, favoring the generation of microsites to a great extent. This helped considerably to give greater versatility to the creation of urls and advertising banners.

The modules were managed from a flexible programming standard that allows them to adapt to the needs of the University. To highlight: bulk mails and newsletters. It is important to mention: This generated greater freedom in the storage of the institution's databases.

Information gathering and migration evolved to be much more dynamic between nodes, debugging internal processes and content with greater speed.

Project leaders at Jorge Tadeo University say the following:

We use the Drupal 7 distribution that was created in SeeD (SeeD Dist alpha5).

One of the most strategic points of the Tadeo Digital project has been the collection of very clear and detailed information by the people who make up the project so that this is translated into functionalities and types of relevant content for users.

Dynamic and flexible structures were implemented within the portal to ease the creation of microsites, landing pages and advertising banners.

The modules generated handle a programming standard that allows adapting to the dynamism that is wanted in the portal.

For the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University it has been a fundamental change in the orientation of its digital strategy and Drupal has become a great ally in this change.

Jorge Tadeo Lozano University website