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Client's description

Sector: Government 

Url: www.policia.gov.co 

Version: Drupal 7 

Project Summary:

The new website of the National Police of Colombia has a totally renewed image that complies with the government standards of the GEL norm. Since 2015 this important government institution embarked on the strategic planning of this new website seeking to integrate all its areas and services to the citizen in a single experience, all supported by a tool capable of responding to the needs and demands that require such a solid portal, was thus in an arduous and demanding selection process Drupal was chosen as the most appropriate solution to meet the proposed objectives.

In a statement issued on its new website, the institution provides details of the features and scope of this development in Drupal. ADA as the company that executed the project, had the expert advice of SeeD in all aspects related to Drupal to bring it to fruition and with the best practices of the community, in a joint effort was made the implementation from infrastructure, migration, structure, design, development and deployment.

We are proud to announce this project of great importance for the Drupal community in Colombia and in the world, the adoption by the National Police of Colombia is a clear support to an Open Source tool that has demonstrated to be at the level that is required for any size of projects, we saw it with the NASDAQ case and in this case , locally with the National Police of Colombia.

We hope to share soon the experience we have had as a team and that it will be very useful for those who are part of this great Drupal community.

What we did in SeeD
  • In partnership with ADA, SeeD designed and developed the new website under the required online governance standards. 
  • Architecture, design and development of the site, assembly of the infrastructure at the National Police headquarters in Bogota.
  • Deployment of the infrastructure for the site operation, pre-launch with load tests and production output. 
  • We support this site on a permanent basis. 
  • Training to  the entity's engineering team so that they could resolve first level incidents.
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