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Secretaria de Hacienda Study Case


Secretaría de hacienda Case


Who is our client

The Secretaria de Hacienda is a government entity that is part of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá. One of its main functions is managing the Bogotá budget. It is monitored by different control agencies.


SDH website wanted to improve usability, accessibility, transparency law enforcement, information architecture, SEO, document classification, and other content, reliance on-site administrators by publishers to generate some types of content.

Because the client did

With the need to improve the organization of the information presented to its visitors, the entity decides to carry out the project to provide a better user experience to the many citizens who consult it daily, facilitate access to the information subject to surveillance and control, facilitate the creation of new content by the officials who are part of its group of editors and enhance its positioning on the web.


Project description

Development of the new web portal of the District Secretary of Finance, complying with the guidelines of Online Government, Bogotá Mayor's Office, Transparency Law, AA level accessibility criteria, implementing a decoupled development with the backend in Drupal 9 and the frontend in Angular. Integrated with your active directory.

How we helped the client during the process

Training in Drupal, Angular, and Design was held to strengthen the team's capabilities. Throughout the process, the entity's officials were accompanied and recommendations were made for a better adaptation to change. Recommendations were made to maintain usability and accessibility. Training sessions were held with each of the entity's dependencies to explain how the new edition of content would be done. Meetings were held with each of the dependencies to assess whether the migrated content met the needs and expectations. Support and technical recommendations were also made for better performance of the site.


New information architecture was made that allows a better organization of information, better navigation, and understanding by the end user. The implementation of the design complied 100% with the requirements established by the government, which was evidenced in the results of the evaluation made by the National Digital Agency. In the items related to architecture, usability, and accessibility, a rating above 85% was achieved.

The implementation of specific search engines for regulations, procedures, tax calendars, and events, allows a better interaction of website visitors.

Secretaria de Hacienda Drupal

Secretaria de Hacienda Drupal

Secretaria de Hacienda Drupal

Secretaria de Hacienda Drupal