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Banca de las Oportunidades website


Portal update

Banca de las Oportunidades is a program of the National Government, administered by Bancoldex, to promote financial inclusion in Colombia. Its objective is to create the necessary conditions to facilitate access to financial services such as savings, credit, transfers, payments, money orders, remittances and insurance to populations that have not had access to them.


Project description:

The main activities for the development of the modernization project of the Banca de las Oportunidades website were established, including the project management methodology.

  • Portal update.
  • Improve usability (Ease of use).
  • Improve access to information by interested parties.
  • Principles of design.

Project timeline.


the development of the project is divided into the following stages:

1.Analysis and architecture: An architecture document was made with BdO and was the main input for the development of the site.

2.Design: Graphic design elements were validated by BdO and were taken as the basis for the development of the site.

3.Backend development: The functionality and structure code necessary for the site was built.

4.Frontend development: The graphic style code for the new site was implemented.

5.Quality tests and adjustments: In this stage, unit, integration and functional tests were carried out by our team in order to determine that the requirements given in the analysis and architecture document met the requested functionalities.

6.BdO acceptance tests:BdO carried out the tests focused on validating the correct operation of each of the elements according to the requested requirements.

7.Website Stabilization: It is a stage where errors detected and corrected.

8.Deployment:Transfer of the site from the development servers to production and live output of the new site.

9.Training: Training established in the scope was carried out so that BdO was autonomous in updating the content of the new site.


Banca de las Oportunidades website