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Drupal Commerce gains momentum in Latin America with strategic alliance with SeeD - Drupal Experts in Colombia

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Commerce Guys and SeeD Announce Strategic Relationship to Increase Drupal Commerce Adoption in Latin America. With this alliance, the two companies hope to gain traction in the e-commerce market with the best Drupal CMS, and all the advantages of Drupal Commerce.

Companies are combining efforts in response to growing customer demand for content-based commerce sites. This trend extends beyond traditional e-commerce players to a wide variety of non-traditional commerce sites, requiring transactions such as downloads, reservations, private content, and payment gateways. The combination of Drupal and Drupal Commerce is well suited for these types of needs for sites of all sizes.

Latin America is growing, with a population of around 588 million and a growing digital market. Bogotá, Colombia, was chosen as the headquarters of the first DrupalCon in Latin America, on the occasion of this event, SeeD, a leader in development specialized in Drupal and Commerce Guys, the largest player in Drupal for electronic commerce, joined.

SeeD SeeD has adopted development and hosting solution for eCommerce projects and is recommending this platform to its clients who adopt DrupalCommerce.

"At SeeD, we always strive to be at the forefront of what is happening in the Drupal ecosystem. We collaborate with the most knowledgeable companies for each business specialty. This allows us to offer our clients the best possible options available in the world. Drupal market ". said Jairo Pinzón, general manager of SeeD. "Now e-commerce companies interested in developing 'state of the art' sites can benefit from this partnership in Latin America. We will be ready to offer the best possible support to achieve business goals and objectives."

"Having the opportunity to partner with a specialist Drupal agency like SeeD is very exciting for us as a company," said Justin Williams, Director of Sales for Commerce Guys. "The Latin American Drupal community has matured over time, and the ecosystem now has all the elements necessary to be successful in increasing Drupal adoption. Together, we are focused on bringing exceptional value to our clients through a powerful combination of Drupal, Drupal Commerce and The partnership with SeeD offers a powerful platform to connect with the people of Latin America in a more meaningful way".


 About Commerce Guys

Commerce Guys, the makers of Drupal Commerce, is the leading e-commerce company powered by Drupal, a powerful open source web infrastructure and social publishing platform.

With Drupal Commerce, online retailers and wholesalers have a simple and powerful platform for all their content, "Social Media" and inventory management, plus the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience anywhere within their environment.

Commerce Guys offers a complete suite of services to leverage and customize Drupal for e-commerce, including consulting, development, support, and hosting. These solutions help create a dynamic and engaging experience for customers across multiple channels.

In 2014, Commerce Guys launched, the cloud-based, continuous integration platform for web development and e-commerce site hosting. Nicknamed "Cloud Hosting 2.0" by Journal du Net, is a fully automated Git-powered, PaaS hosting web application that handles not only the entire infrastructure in production, but also any number of development and test environments. It also extends to workflows by combining branches of the infrastructure so that each branch is tested as if it were production. Using increases development speed and virtually eliminates DevOps.


About SEED

We are a company inspired by new technologies. We create strategies that allow our clients to achieve their digital marketing objectives, increase their income and maintain their relevance on the web. We are experts in Drupal and leaders in Colombia, the design, development and deployment of web applications and websites. Founded in 2007, we are a team of 100% digital professionals. Throughout this period of time, we have helped our clients stay relevant on the web and get on a solid footing with Drupal.

Please visit us at Drupalcon LATAM, we will be more than happy.

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