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University of Boyaca Website


Web portal design and development

The University of Boyacá was founded on September 22, 1979, by illustrious inhabitants, whose greatest interest was to serve their Department and contribute to the development of eastern Colombia and the country.


project DESCRIPtioN:

Design and develop a Web Portal that allows the University of Boyacá to be positioned as a quality educational institution that uses technology to improve its organizational and marketing processes of its educational offer, infrastructure, activities, results of its research work, services and benefits, both for national and international applicants as well as the educational community. 


project timeline:

1. Planning Phase: This stage was very important to land the project requirements that were the guide for design and development.

Architecture stage: The best way to structure the project was validated with the technical team.

Infrastructure stage: The infrastructure analysis process varied considerably due to the size of the project and the restrictions it presented.

Analysis and design stage: A detailed analysis of the requirements was carried out to structurally define the information to be considered.

2.Implementation Phase:

Procurement stage: The acquisition of storage and domain services was carried out according to the needs of the project.

Development stage: It began once the interface design was defined, the architecture and requirements documents were taken as a basis, work was completed by Sprints where a defined set of requirements and the respective deliverables were implemented for the client.

3. Review and retrospective phase:

Testing stage: Sprint validations and retrospectives, functional test cycles were carried out.

4. Launch phase:  In the launch stage, the servers were configured, the development assembly and  load tests were carried out to validate that the system supported the expected visits and directed to the domains of the new server, finally monitoring the behavior of the site during the first weeks.


why was drupal chosen for this project?

Drupal adapted to the needs of the University of Boyacá, the client identified that our company had worked with similar projects and that it adjusted to the needs that they had as an organization, in this way several phases were developed to create this project.


ORGANIZAtIONS involved in the project: 


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University of Boyaca Website